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Our Amazing Practitioners

Our caring practitioners are highly skilled licensed or certified professionals and independent business owners that share a common vision of supporting and educating our community.

Liz Bereza, Massage Therapist

Betsy Dunn, Rolfing Structural Integration

Claudia Frick, Herbalist, Nutritionist & Reiki Master

Ann Lezberg, Thai Massage Therapist

Ann Lumia, Spiritual Numerologist & Reiki Master

Corin Blanchard, Certified Rolfer

Lauraleigh Ananda, Massage Therapist, Natural Therapeutic Specialist & Certified Core Synchronism Practitioner

Jennifer Frey, Therapeutic Massage Therapist 

Below you will find information about each practitioner.

Liz Bereza : Massage Therapist 

Liz is a graduate of The Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy and has been practicing the art of Massage for the last 15 years. Her experience includes being an instructor in the field in New Mexico as well as studying abroad in Thailand. She believes in the body's ability to heal itself and combines intention, heart-centered listening and the guidance of her hands to create an individualized Therapeutic Massage session to meet the needs of each client. In gratitude she has been a facilitator in the co- creation of One Being Wellness Revolution, LLC. It is an honor to allow for our shared vision to unfold and continue to evolve while witnessing each other in each moment. She shares in the passion of holding space and serving our local and global community by taking part to gather, heal, serve, speak truth and BE. To schedule a session with Liz please call or text: 720.296.7471 or email her at: LizBerezaLMT@gmail.com 

Betsy Dunn : Rolfing Structural Integration

Betsy Dunn, OTR, Co-founder of One Being Wellness Revolution, I offer Rolfing Structural Integration. Rolfing Structural Integration is a system of bodywork that empowers you to be in your body at a higher level of wellness and awareness. Hands-on pressure, in the form of soft tissue mobilization, combined with movement education creates a more balanced structure within the field of gravity. We all have experienced energy drains from both physical and emotional stress and injuries sustained throughout the years. Rolfing Structural Integration targets releasing the resulting long-held patterns of tension and restrictions within the body to bring you more freedom and spaciousness.  It’s bodywork that is not just focused on relaxation or releasing knots, it’s about re-patterning your body and how you live in your body.  www.TheBeProjectLLC.com 
Rolfing sessions are 75 minutes, available Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, and Friday morning by special request.  Please contact me at 720-849-0038 or exploring.your.potential@gmail.com For more information, www.TheBeProjectLLC.com 

Claudia Frick : Herbalist, Nutritionist, Reiki Master

Claudia Frick: Clinical Herbalist, Nutritionist, Flower Essence Practitioner & Reiki Master & Co-founder of One Being Wellness Revolution

Have you arrived at a threshold, ready to move forward embracing
your sparkling aliveness?

I’d be honored to support you on your journey towards flourishing health
by deeply listening to your concerns 
coaching you how to remove obstacles to healing
& foremost inspiring you to trust in your body’s ability to heal itself.

I might give diet suggestions 
support you with our herbal allies 
offer energetic nourishment through Flower Essences 
& invite the vibrational healing practice of Reiki in to encourage balance in body, mind & spirit

You can reach me at claudia.frick@comcast.net or 720-660-5530

Jennifer Frey: Therapeutic Massage Therapy


Jennifer specializes in Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique SMRT. She has 1315.50 hours of Certified Therapeutic Massage Therapy training and a combined 500 hours of additional training which includes; Certification of Universal Initiations and Instruction in the Ancient Art of Hand's-on Healing, Tera-Mai Reiki and Seichem. And training in the Art of Shamanic Healing. She integrates these techniques into each session to create a truly unique experience for each individual client, every time. 

A Boulder Native, The wilderness is her favorite place to be. She has a heartfelt ambition for all that is mysterious. She loves animals, nature, kayaking, reading and being a Mama. She has studied outdoor survival, orienteering, mountaineering, kayaking, rock climbing and completed an EMT-Basic education in her early 20's. 

"As your practitioner, I create a safe and sacred space where you can just be. I tune-in to what your body needs to help restore balance and harmony."  




Corin Blanchard: Certified Rolfer

Corin Blanchard is a Certified Rolfer™ in private practice for the past 8 years. She pursued this path after a life-changing experience with the Rolfing Ten Series, which eradicated migraines after 10 years of pain, restored her sense of belonging in her body, and unleashed her to even fuller expression. Through Rolfing® Structural Integration and her newest business, Soak Boulder, Corin aims to support all humans in fully inhabiting their bodies, aligning their lives and being totally empowered in the essential practices of self-care and self-knowing. Corin holds an M.Ed. in Higher Education and has 20 years of experience in educational nonprofits. And, as an initiate of The StarHouse in Boulder, Colorado as well as a ceremonialist/officiant, Corin has a deep passion for restoring the sacred in all of our relationships through embodiment practices, story and ceremony.  


Corin Blanchard

Entrepreneur,  Certified Rolfer™  & Ceremonialist


Lauraleigh Ananda: Massage Therapist, Natural Therapeutic Specialist, Certified Core Synchronism Practitioner  
Lauraleigh is an accomplished Natural Therapeutic Practitioner based in Colorado. She is devoted to making the world a better place through offering various forms of therapy, including Massage, Deep Tissue, Hot Stones, Ashiatsu, Prenatal, Core Synchronism, Core Radionics, Cranial Sacral, Polarity Therapy, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Vibrational Remedies, and Aerial Yoga. Her goal as a therapist is to help people live in harmony with their bodies by using the modalities she has practiced since graduating from the prestigious New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics in 2002.  
“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.”  ― Hippocrates 

Ann Lezberg : Thai Massage Therapist

Ann practices Thai Massage Therapy, a traditional Thai modality that incorporates the healing powers of movement. The therapist engages many limbs (e.g., palms, elbows, knees) to apply compression over Thai energy lines along with rocking, gentle stretching and joint mobilization to enhance a client’s quality and range of motion.  In Thai tradition, these techniques facilitate a more profound “movement” by enhancing or balancing flow of energy and rebooting the self-healing powers of the body.  Ann’s goal is to provide clients with a full-body massage that reduces body tension and pain, quiets the mind and produces a lightened sense of being.

Ann graduated from the Denver Integrative Massage School with continued education in Thai Massage and trigger point therapy. The view that “everything is connected” guides her approach to bodywork as well as her many years of work in ecology and natural resource conservation.

Thai massage takes place on a mat with the client fully clothed.  Sessions are available Friday afternoon/evening and Saturday morning by appointment. Contact Ann at www.MassageBook.com/biz/all-limbs-laughing-thai-massage or call or text at (970) 222-4917.

Ann Lumia : Spiritual Numerologist and Reiki Practitioner

ANN Lumia discovered Pythagorean (Spiritual) Numerology after having a mystical and magical experience in CLARE, IRELAND (in 2007) the land of her ancestors. After studying and preparing hundreds of charts for family/ friends/clients over the last 12 years, in the latter part of 2018 she began offering Profile Chart Readings to her community.

FOR A PROFILE CHART READING and CONSULTATION (in person or over the phone) call or text ANN (303-868-1366) to find out the details of having a chart prepared.

ANN continues to offer Numerology Workshops throughout the year for clients to CREATE/DESIGN Numerology birthday cards.  All supplies are included along with herbal tea and GF/DF cookies. Cost for this 2 hour workshop is $25.00. (VENMO, cash or check). If interested in attending an upcoming workshop please text Ann (303-868-1366) or email her at:   www.annimac331@gmail.com  to check for availability.


REIKI is also offered by Ann. She has been providing REIKI Energy work (a Japanese healing modality that relieves stress and promotes a deep state of relaxation) to clients since 2014.  –FOR A REIKI SESSION PLEASE CALL OR TEXT ANN (303-868-1366) TO SET UP AN APPOINTMENT.

OFFICE HOURS ARE THURSDAYS: 3:00p.m.-7:00p.m. and SUNDAYS 1:00p.m.-5:00p.m.



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